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Storm Chasing and Disaster Coverage

Drone Bros is at the forefront of storm chasing and disaster coverage in Texas, providing crucial, up-to-date visual documentation of severe weather events. Specializing in capturing the dramatic impact of storms, including the recent flooding in East Texas, our footage has been instrumental for various news outlets, offering an essential perspective during times of crisis.

Natural Disasters:

  • From hurricanes and floods to tornadoes and severe storms, our drones capture critical aerial views that aid in damage assessment and recovery planning.

Wild Fires:

  • We provide essential footage of wildfires and structural fires, helping firefighting teams and news outlets with real-time visual data.

Oil Spills:

  • Our aerial coverage helps monitor and document the extent of oil spills, supporting environmental agencies and response teams in mitigating environmental impacts.

Pipeline Explosions:

  • Drone Bros captures the immediate aftermath and ongoing developments of pipeline explosions, offering vital information for safety assessments and media coverage.

Our Services

Explore our extensive archive of storm and disaster footage, and world news coverage showcasing our frontline role in capturing these events. Let us help you capture the most from when disaster strikes. 

News Coverage That Extends World Wide. 

View Our Coverage

Browse our collection of powerful images and videos from recent storms and flooding events in East Texas, demonstrating our capability to safely and effectively document extreme weather conditions.

Our Valued Partners


High Fence Ranch Photography

Capture the rugged beauty and thriving wildlife of your high-fence ranch with our expert aerial photography services.

Aerial Drone Photography

From breathtaking landscapes to urban panoramas, our aerial photography services provide stunning overhead views.

Golden Hour Photography

Utilize the magical lighting of dusk and dawn to create a striking and memorable impression of your property.

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What Our Clients
Say About Us

"Working with Brett has been a delight! Always punctual, lightning-fast turnaround, and consistently surpasses our clients' expectations. Highly recommended!"

Madeline Phillips, Realtor 

"Top notch work and professionalism. They created some amazing videos for my Airbnb sites. Highly recommended!"

Garrett Brown, Cameron Ranch Glamping

"I have used Drone Bros for Real Estate photographs and highly recommend their work! Phenomenal pictures!"

Edward Jones, Realtor

Building Connections

Leverage Drone Bros' versatile disaster coverage services to document and manage any crisis with precision. Our drones are equipped to handle a range of emergencies, providing high-quality footage that is invaluable for emergency responders, environmental agencies, and the media. Whether it's natural disasters, fire outbreaks, oil spills, or industrial accidents like pipeline explosions, our rapid deployment and advanced imaging technology ensure comprehensive coverage that can enhance situational awareness and aid in effective response strategies.

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